I hated to miss this event but you can't be everywhere at once. Here's hoping Outstanding in the Field returns to Utah next year...Our special correspondent for the evening, Dessi Price, who is letting us use her photographs, says, " The event was absolutely amazing and, as Pete Rasmussen from Sandhill Farms called it an absolute "spiritual food experience." Take a look...

Guests toured Pete Rasmussen's Sandhill Farms where the event—a seated dinner with a menu of local culinary treasures for 120 people—was held.

After months of planning followed by last minute adjustments according to what was in season and what local food producers could provide

Chef Michael Richey of Pago, along with Pago owner Scott Evans,  created this menu:

Reception Ajo Blanco Sandhill Farms porcelain garlic, almonds Squash Blossoms House made ricotta, Pete’s herbs

Devilled Clifford Farm’s Eggs House cured Utah trout roe

Pago Farm Cherry Wood Smoked Trout House smoked Utah trout, pea flan, greens, crostoni

High West whiskey lemonade

Starter Sandhill Farms Cinnamon Beets Nut crunch, goat’s milk yogurt, truffled Utah wildflower honey, Pete’s greens, Beehive’s “Barely Buzzed”  Cheddar Gougeres

Pasta Morgan Valley Lamb Gnocchi Soft garlic cream sauce, cherry tomatoes, fava leaves

Squatters “Big Cottonwood” Amber Ale


Main Pleasant Creek Ranch Ribeye Sandhill chimichurri, Pete’s heirloom garlic scapes

Kiler Grove Zinergy ’07 Zinfandel blend

Dessert Panguitch cherry tarts with caramel

At the end of the evening, everyone turned to look at the last guests as they arrived—

the sandhill cranes flying back to their summer home at Sandhill Far

A perfect evening.