After a unique experience, Salt Lake magazine intern Kristen Hutchings wrote this review of Alchemy Coffee. On the Table reviews are typically written by Mary Brown Malouf.

Are you craving a delicious cup of coffee for only $1? Look no further. Alchemy Coffee, nestled in Liberty Wells at 390 East 1700 South, has what you need.

The moment I walked through the doors, I was in love with the place. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming—plump chairs and sofas are clustered together, encouraging guests to bring their friends and gab away about life. Owner Jason Briggs and his employees only add to these feelings of warmth and refuge, and it's their friendliness that brings customers back.

A few weeks ago I was at Alchemy Coffee and a couple in front of me ordered a few lattes. Now, when you usually order drinks like this at places like Starbucks, they blend up your drink, and if there happens to be leftovers that can't fit in your cup, they toss it in the trash. Heaven forbid they give you a few swallows more than what you paid for. Alchemy is different. As that couple was waiting for their drinks, Briggs had left overs and filled another cup to give them. But when he turned around to serve them again, they were already slurping their lattes in the parking lot, walking to their car. That did not deter Briggs. He was adamant they get the extra coffee, so he ran after them saying that they ordered drinks so often that they might as well get whatever extra is left.

Jason Briggs is always thinking about others, especially owners of small businesses like his own. All of his products and baked goods come from bakeries and other providers within a 1 to 2 square mile radius from his shop, which means customers are receiving the freshest products available.

The Alchemy Coffee shop was transformed from an old garage into the bustling, quirky shop it is today. Jason Briggs, a roaster who wanted his own business, told me that every brick and every stone was placed with thought and love. That didn't come at much of a surprise since that is how Briggs seems to deal with everything associated with the shop. He told me that people want choices, and that is exactly what they're going to find. This must be true since word seems to be getting out about Alchemy—the door is continually chiming with more coffee-craving customers. However, even for non-coffee drinkers like myself, this place has so much to offer. There is a selection of non-caffeinated drinks and an array of tasty foods, among them their famous quiche and pesto rolls which they grill to perfection. And for those health conscientious people, everything is organic at Alchemy.

Come check out this unique place and enjoy the music they have on the weekends. Also, don't forget to check out the fun Day of the Dead altar they have in the back. You haven't experienced a coffee shop like this. Guaranteed. Click here for more info.