There has always been the stereotype that reading is a girl's activity. Even beloved Disney caters to this idea in the classic movie Beauty and the Beast: Belle loves to read while Gaston thinks it's a boring waste of time since he could be doing more robust and manly activities. But on Friday, Sept. 2, Anne Cannon will obliterate that theory.

Cannon, a mother to five sons who all now enjoy books, will discuss successful techniques in getting more boys interested in reading. Join her in her lecture Boys and Books: A Match Not Always Made in Heaven from 10 to 11 a.m. at Granite School District, 2500 S. State Street Rm. D102-106.

Being a book addict myself, this lecture naturally caught my interest since it was about my number one passion in life. I adore reading. I always have. As a young girl, a typical weekend would involve begging my mom to take me to the library and selecting as many books as I could. And then I would come home and read. All day. My mom would walk by and see me glued to a book and beg me to go call a friend and play outside.

Just last month I forced my boyfriend who detests reading to try Twilight. That was a disaster; he hated it. After that experience, I got to thinking that maybe it is true. Maybe girls as a whole enjoy reading more than boys.

Those thoughts were soon erased as we were discussing this dilemma in the office the other day. We began tossing the idea around that the reason girls read more than boys may be because there is a shockingly vast supply of "girly" books available. It has only been lately that have I realized that there is an equally shocking lack of boy books available at the library. No wonder guys hate reading; most of the books available are romantic fluff or other topics that boys could care less about. I would also hate reading if it involved topics I couldn't sympathize with. Reading should never have to be punishment.

For the future, I now know which strategy fails in seducing males to reading. I won't be cramming fuzzy romances in their arms, promising they will love it if they only crack the cover. But there has to be some other maneuver in showing boys the intrigue of reading. Luckily, I have a young nephew who is interested in books, maybe I can learn the secret from him and pass it on.