Kingsbury Hall is a fine, acoustically wondrous venue. But it's a relatively rare host of heavy duty rock 'n' roll. That's not the case Monday night when A Perfect Circle bring their '90s-tastic progressive metal to Kingsbury, of all places, for what should be fairly fierce night of rock.

Add in Kingsbury's shows are almost always of the seated variety - although there was a small standing area at the recent Tedeschi-Trucks concert - its ban on beer and an overall vibe that makes golf clapping seem outlandish isn't ideal for in-your-face rock music, but this should be a good time anyway. A Perfect Circle is led by Tool frontman and lyricist Maynard James Keenan along with guitarist/composer Billy Howerdel.

The prog-metal band has three albums to draw from for material and based on recent interviews there may never be fourth album to tap, although there's at least one new song, "By and Down," to look out for. This is a sold-out show.

On Tuesday night at Red Butte Garden, kd Lang will be on hand along with Sis Boom Bang for what should be a tasty, country-flavored concert. Lang's famously wonderful singing voice - being tapped to sing with Tony Bennett on this planet (as she has) confirms you're gifted, FYI - is featured wonderfully and effectively on her 2011 release, "Sing It Loud." Also, please note this RBG gig has a 7:30 p.m. start time, because Lang and Co. are the lone performers. Tickets start at $43 and remain on sale.

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