Fictionist caught the nation's attention recently by making it so far in a contest to be on Rolling Stone's cover, and while they didn't make it all the way through, they certainly impressed us even making it in our Best of the Beehive issue.

Now, the band says they'll be making a major announcement in the next few weeks.

While we wait to hear exactly what the news is, Fictionist is busy playing shows. Recently they performed at home, literally. An SLC neighborhood was invited to watch the band at singer Stu Maxfield's childhood home. His parents are moving from the house, and the band decided to let them go out in style with a block-party concert.

Here is our exclusive footage from the show:

And here's our exclusive Q&A with singer Stuart Maxfield we sadly had to cut from the Best of the Beehive issue:

What have been some of the biggest highlights for Fictionist over the past year?

"Touring across the United States was pretty epic. Showcasing for Atlantic Records in NYC was great. This opportunity with Rolling Stone magazine has been huge. It's been really fun to see the band get some traction and start taking off."

How did the band get involved in the Rolling Stone cover contest?

"We have been touring like crazy for the past three years. Eventually, we made enough noise that Atlantic showed some interest, and that led us to the Rolling Stone opportunity. Atlantic is co-sponsoring the event."

NOTE: Fictionist was unfortunately eliminated from the contest in round three, based on readers' votes.

We noticed Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray gave you guys a huge compliment at the Jam at the River (April 9 at the Shops at Riverwoods in Provo), saying your band wouldn't open for Sugar Ray again, because next time you'd be headliners.

"That was super funny. We talked to him after the show, and he had nothing but flattering and encouraging things to say to us. There are plenty of things that we are working on as a band, and I'm trying not to be distracted by the praise we are getting."

What are some of the other bands you've played with?

"We have played with almost every band from around here, Code Hero, Imagine Dragons, Moth and the Flame and a few bigger bands like Young the Giant and the legendary Sugar Ray."

What will you guys be up to this summer?

"I imagine about the same thing. Writing and touring. that seems to be the life blood of the band."

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