This weekend, SLmag will be at the semi-organized public gathering of people in zombie costumes, scaring their way through the city.

Zombie Walk, meet up at 7 p.m. on Aug. 7 at Pioneer Park.

And if you're a zombie in the walk or just a scared human, make sure you look for our photographer Francie, who will be there to snap your photo for our People pages. We'll also post an online gallery of our photos.

It's simple: Dress like a zombie and stroll through downtown, SLC with all of your zombie friends. Why? Because it's awesome. The photo above is me with my zombie friend, all ready for the walk.

Hint: Go to Deseret Industries for some clothes you don't mind ripping up and pour some baby powder on yourself to make it look like you just crawled out of the ground. Fake blood is a must. If you were "turned" by another zombie, the more, the better. Click here for more info, including the route.