The great outdoors has hit downtown SLC. The biannual Outdoor Retailer trade show, which kicked off Thursday and wraps Sunday, has brought a slew of everything rugged to the Salt Palace. Though the average outdoors enthusiast can't wander into the Convention Center, “ the event is only open to brands, retailers and media." Salt Lake magazine did a little digging to get the scoop from Utah-based companies on some of the newest gear for 2012.


Synapse Natural Motion Hiking Shoe Salomon wants you to get your hike on. The brand debuted its first-ever natural motion hiking shoe, featuring staggered lugs to create dynamic traction while climbing rocky mountains and cliffs. (Jennifer Pharr Davis, who this week set the world record for hiking the 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail in 46 days, sported the shoes during her trek.) Available for both men and women, the low-top style (pictured) retails for $120 and features breathable anti-debris mesh and a protective rubber toecap.





Kilo 3P Ultra Light Tent

Easton Mountain Products has unveiled the Kilo 3P Ultra Light Tent, the follow up to the original Kilo launched last year. The newest version banks on a rule of three: it holds three people, weighs three pounds and features a three-pole design for added stability. The lightweight Easton-exclusive carbon frame, outfitted with the brands AirLock system and built in Utah, is one of the lightest and most durable tent support systems available. The Kilo 3P is priced at $499.




Magnetron Carabiner The magnet-based carabiners won't be in stores until fall 2012, but Black Diamond is confident they're worth the wait for the climbing crowd. Rather than relying on the classic screw or spring-loaded systems, these 'biners rely on super strong magnets to secure and lock the gate. Squeezing two levers on the carabiner gate triggers the release. The Magnetron RockLock is priced at $20 and the Magnetron GridLock will retail for $30.




Quest Outdoors Training Watch Suunto has brought a new training tool into the mix. The Ogden-based brand's Quest Pack is geared specifically toward trail running, though it is equally responsive on flatter roads. The system allows runners to personalize and download training programs, monitor heart rate, speed, distance and cadence in real time and features a tiny, nine-gram foot POD mini, which reacts to changes in speed and is particularly useful during interval training. The pack, which is available in September and is priced at $329, includes a heart rate belt, POD mini and a USB key to download workouts and training plans.