Will Sartain, owner and operator of Kilby Court and The Urban Lounge, is a skillful singer/songwriter. His band The Future of the Ghost's latest album, "A Blessing For Your Heart," is a melodic, well-crafted indie-rock gem.

Borrowing on influences like Pavement and The Shins, and led by Sartain's compelling little-brother-turned-sad-eyed-mystic lyrics and voice, this album, released in late July, gets better with each listen.

Released on Sartain's own Kilby Records, standout tracks include the title cut, "Love Is Like A Matador," and "I'm Going." But maybe the album's strongest moment occurs when drummer Cathy Foy sings arguably the album's strongest, cut, "Solitary Lives." Her soulful, vocals elevate the song into a must-hear track. Initially, some of the songs seem simplistic, but repeated listenings reveal depth with multiple, layered parts that nestle inside your brain and jump out on you later.

And for some crazy reason, down at Slow Train Records, they're selling this for just $3, as of this writingIt's worth your time and your money.