Covey Center for the Arts is currently presenting a unique collection of artwork. Their newest exhibit, On the Edge of Whimsy: Work by Chris Pratte and Jack Morford has artwork as strange and colorful as their creators.

Jack Morford has been an avid artist since he could hold a pencil. As children, he and his sister would draw from Walter Foster “How to Draw” books for hours every day. When he was older, he followed his passions for art and attended Otis Art Institute of LA County where he obtained a BFA and an MFA. His most recent collection of sculptures, "beyond pure whimsy,"  encompasses the essence of humanity and highlights imperfections that make people softer and, essentially, more "human"—the very characteristics that make individuals easier to relate to.

Although Jack Morford focuses on imperfections and quirky characteristics as a means of bringing people together, Chris Pratte will always be off in a unique category of his own, since Pratte's life story is more theory than fact. His birth and other events in his life are, for some reason, kept under wraps so many have created their own mythical versions of his mysterious past. Some claim he was born at the Area 51 site in Nevada in 1968 where he was a “failed alien-hybrid experiment,” while other rumors are floating around that he was the military trainer of Seal Team 6 which captured Osama Bin Laden. The military refuses to answer, and apparently no one else is willing to affirm or deny the many rumors surrounding C.K. Pratte. But one fact we do know is that  Pratte now resides in a private observation hospital in Kansas where he receives 24-hour surveillance. So although gossip may warp its own unreliable creation of Pratte's life, one additional fact the public can chew on is that his quirky artwork gives a refreshing, and even beautiful, view of life.

The artwork will be on display until Sept. 29. The Covey Center for the Arts is located at 425 W. Center Street, Provo.