Aaaah, summer in Utah. If we're lucky, the tomatoes will be ripe before the frost kills'em. The Downtown market in Pioneer Park will be jam-packed on Saturday, per usual. For a slight change of pace, check out the Ogden Farmers Market. It's located at 25th street and Washington, by the courthouse and amphitheatre, and it's open on Saturdays from 8 am -1 pm.

Our photogirl, Abbie Crane, was up there recently and here's her report.

"There is a lot of family business at the Ogden market and there are alot of children at the market along with their families. It's a very family friendly market." Besides produce and food, there are kids' activities—bubbles!—and cool stuff like this candy-themed horse:

But back to the wholesome stuff, first up, Berries from Paradise. These are raspberries and gooseberries. They also had white and red currants.

Meet Becky and Zaidie, who run Berries of Paradise:

And here is the booth from Volkers Bakery, which needs no introduction.

These gorgeous apricots

are from the Christensen Family Farm; here are the Christensens:

Their real specialty is corn so Abbie recommends people shop there in a few weeks time, when the corn has begun ripening.

Here is Mrs. Green preparing a savory crepe at Crepes, Etc. Quote from Abbie: "Yum."

Carli of Lavender Hill has alot of lavender cooking stuff. Like lavender oil, flavor syrup and cookies!

Here is a picture of a cookie:

And gorgeous Spencer's Salsa, another family business: Finally, dessert: cupcakes from Sweet Mountain Bakery.