Kimi Eklund, owner of Kimi's Mountainside Bistro since 2009 12000 Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd. at Solitude Mountain Resort (801) 536-5787 |

Designing a work environment that allows freedom and creativity to flourish within my employees while still harboring discipline is a real balancing act!! Some days I feel like we are invincible, then I realize that although we are considered a "family" we each have our unique characteristics that need expression in order to continue developing our personal lives as well. Fortunately I am blessed with extremely loyal, dedicated and hard working individuals that I am honored to call my family, my friends and my employees! Together we create a unique bond that is showcased throughout the endless time and energy we spend shared with our devoted customers. Even when times are tough and the accumulation of hours worked are overwhelming, I am fortunate to find a relentless commitment from my awesome staff!

At Kimi's, my exceptional team and I work diligently every day to ensure our guests will enjoy their dining experience. Offering an array of novel food options, Chef Matt's tasty concoctions represent a modern twist on European and American cuisine, using seasonal ingredients to showcase the freshest of flavors!! In combination with the serene mountainside backdrop at Solitude, our patrons experience a multitude of memorable savory sensations while dining at Kimi's!

Whether we are creating new menus while savoring sangria in Marbella or sipping on margaritas in Cabo, you can rest assured that Chef Matt and I are enjoying life!

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