That’s all I’m hearing this week. After our soggy spring guaranteed a short summer, no one seems to be ready for the next season, but already, the light has a different slant and the sun sinks a little earlier. Here are some food events that might make September a little easier to swallow:

Fleming’s in the Gateway has declared September a “Month of Discovery.”

Fleming’s has always been known for its great wine list, and particularly its wine by the glass list. But now the restaurant is introducing the Fleming’s 100, a list of 100 wines by the glass.

Every Friday night will feature “Opening Night” tastings, presenting 20 different wines from the new Fleming’s 100. Try all 20 of them for just $25 per guest.  Plus, you get a preview tasting of the new Small Plates menu. You check each Friday’s list in advance to see what’s being poured, then choose the night that piques your interest most. From 5-7 p.m.; reservations required.

Plus, Wednesdays are “Winesdays:” With dinner, get 25% off any bottle from the Fleming’s 100 list.

One of the best food events of the year, The 7th Annual Feast of Five Senses, will take place on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. at Kimball Distributing Viking Showroom, 2223 South, 300 East in Salt Lake City. Seven local celebrated chefs will use the bounty of Utah's local food producers  and artisans in an extraordinary evening of delicious food and conviviality to raise funds for  Slow Food Utah

Feast makers for 2011 include:

* David Hammel of Liberty Heights Fresh

* Greg Neville of Lügano

* Ryan Lowder of Copper Onion

* Nathan Powers of Bambara

* Michael Richey of Pago

* Amber Billingsley of Vinto

* Letty Flatt of Deer Valley

* Uinta Beer will offer pairings

*Francis Fecteau of Libation will be pairing a wine with each course

*Harmons Grocery and Sysco are sponsoring the event.

Cost is $85 per person, with a $35 optional wine pairing and tickets are available online at or by mail to Slow Food Utah, PO Box 581213, SLC, UT 84158-1213. Seating is limited so early reservations are highly recommended.

You should be feeling more upbeat about the fall now. Start getting in a corduroy frame of mind and enjoy. Cheers!