The Nightmare began this Friday and will last through the end of October, and the spine-tingling new attractions will be sure to haunt your dreams until Halloween. Watch out for creatures with a mind of their own in the Spider, Snake, and Torture Rooms, and beware of the not-so-funny jesters in the Zombie Clown Midway.

If you're brave enough to face the danger, slink down to 300 W. 1300 South, or visit the website here.

Read our zombie interview from our Sept/Oct issue below, and be sure to check back for an intimate look at the horrors within.

Casey Harrison, Nightmare on 13th's Veteran Zombie

Casey Harrison was a kid when he first saw Nightmare on Elm Street, and even though the movie terrified him, he was inspired. Now, as an adult, he's Nightmare on 13th's cast director and, like Freddy Krueger, has a history of making people wet themselves.

"It was my first season, and I was in this graveyard scene, coming out of the ground and crawling toward these two couples. One of the boyfriends started freaking out, so I crawled at his feet. Then his girlfriend ran to him and grabbed onto him, and I actually saw her pee--just a wet mess."

"But, you know, scaring people is what we're there to do. Cast members who end up proving to me they made someone pee get lunch or dinner on me."

"I'd dress up as anything from a zombie to an executioner, but my favorite was the chainsaw guy." He still dresses up sometimes, but his main job now is keeping the cast on task and coaching them through any problems.

"During the off season, we go to conventions around the country to find new products. At Transworld in Saint Louis, we found a new part for our Nightmare Theater (pre-show): You're looking out a window at a zombie eating a body, then it comes charging at the window. A shotgun blows the zombie's head off, and the crowd gets sprayed with blood (actually water)." Also new this year, half of the house will be taken over by demons and goblins and the other half by zombies.

Harrison hires about 70 of 300 applicants each year. He also works at Black Diamond Climbing, but the haunted house is his top priority. He looks for applicants who love scaring, but they can rarely scare him.

"When somebody does, I give them props. Last year, we had this tomb area with zombies, and one wasn't standing in his usual spot. He was actually behind me and made this little snarl that startled me."

Harrison and the rest of the crew can be seen, still in costume, at The Pie or at the table they always sit at in Dee's after work. "By the end of the season, the whole cast are friends and we stay in touch."

"I love Halloween, and I love horror. I'm sure this is what I'll be doing for the rest of my life."

Our exclusive zombie interview can also be read in Salt Lake magazine, on newsstands now.