Starting tonight, Off Broadway’s new Halloween show, Forever Dead, moves to Thursday nights through Oct. 27. A show is also scheduled for Monday, Oct. 3.

Dracula vs. Jekyll and Hyde starts this weekend and will be showing Friday, Saturday and Monday (starting Oct. 10) nights till Oct. 29. We’ll be at the show this Friday to write a review, so join us, or wait to see what we say.

We were lucky to catch a showing of Forever Dead just in time to write this review. Read it and then go see tonight's show!

Forever Dead may be the cheesiest Off Broadway play we’ve seen yet, which is a good thing when it’s done on purpose to make you laugh—and it definitely makes us laugh.

Jillene Stark directs this OBT favorite, a parody of Forever Plaid, which follows the story of a ‘50s singing group of monsters. Bloods (Dracula), Barky (Wolfman), Sphinx (Mummy) and Frankie (Frankenstein) are dead and trapped on earth. Each monster needs to complete unfinished business, so they can move on to the afterlife, and they sing about it every chance they get.

The singing is pretty good and works for this play. The lyrics are the real reason you need to hear these songs.

Our favorite songs of the show: “Don’t He Sucks,” which warns warm-blooded ladies not to be lured in by Blood’s seductive ways; “Crazy for Lon Chaney,” a song dedicated to the actor who played all four characters at one point in his career; “Bo-Mummian Rhapsody,” one that hardcore Queen fans might sigh at, but everyone else finds hilarious; “Bat’s in the Castle,” a Harry Chapin parody toward the end that’s probably the funniest of all; “Victims to Dismember,” the cast looks back at good times when they were alive and actually had... victims to dismember.

A band led by Doris Karloff (Debby Cannon) performs accompaniment for each song, which is a nice change for the Off Broadway. I’d love to see musicians on stage with the actors in other plays—of course that will leave less room for their signature chase scenes.

The show’s humor will make you shake your head, but you’ll have a big grin on your face when you do it. And sometimes, you might actually sympathize with the monsters. They’re out of “attack mode” most of the time and open their hearts to the audience…but make a joke about dismembering people right after.

“Hey, statistically I kill less than one percent of you!”—Frankie to the audience.

Frankie (Caleb E. Durrant) has giant feet thanks to loads of duct tape, so it was kind of hard for him to move at all. But it did give him that rigid Frankenstein stance seen in the old Universal films. Bloods (Jake Miskimins) had a hilarious entrance and kept up the comedy throughout the show. His character was the most arrogant of the group.

Barky (Ian Murray) and Sphinx (Tyler Ross Boegler) were also great in this show, and Eric Jensen did an awesome job writing each character to be totally different in personality and dialogue—despite the fact they’re all monsters.

OVERALL: If you’re into cheesy parodies, this is one of the cheesiest and funniest. If you roll your eyes at ridiculous humor, see something else and don't ruin it for everyone else.  This is a great Halloween show to see with the kids, and the loveable-loser quality of Forever Plaid isn't lost.

The Empress Theatre will show Forever Plaid starting Oct. 28, if you'd like to do the comparison.