This time the P.I.E. Squad traded in higher-end pizza for a more traditional American-style pie, but will the classic flavors of Rusted Sun fall flat in comparison to fancier pizzas? Is there anything to be gained by forgoing the wood-fired oven? Keep reading to find out.

P.I.E. Squad leader and SLmag dining editor Mary Brown Malouf is hard to please, but luckily she brings along a team of tasters from SLmag, Park City Television, and Epic Brewing to even out the score. Instead of leaving with bored palates, members of the P.I.E. squad seemed satisfied and even somewhat relieved to be back to basics. Among the comments were compliments on the meaty tomato sauce, the delicious cornmeal flavor of the crust, and the saltiness of the green olives on the Mediterranean pizza. Accompanied by Uinta wheat beer, it was a hit.

The Verdict: If you're looking for a regular, American pizza, this is it. The ingredients are well-proportioned, the sauce and crust highly praised, and the pie was not too heavy or weighted down by oils. Overall rating: 81.4. Rusted Sun Pizzeria is located at 2010 South State Street, SLC. Visit the restaurant to experience it  yourself or place an order at 801-483-2120.