Salt Lake magazine spent way too much time gathering ghost stories and info on local haunts for the Haunted Beehive story in the September/October issue (on stands now). We did such a good job, no way could it all fit in eight pages. So, we have been posting those extras on every week until Halloween.

And we still have some great haunts to feature online, but this time, we're actually taking a look back at an article we published in October of 2001 on the haunting at Every Blooming Thing in SLC.

Old Haunts: Every Blooming Thing By Amber McKee and Kelley J.P. Lindberg

Hollister Hancock lived in her beloved house from the time she was seven until she was eighty-seven. According to Pam March, who bought and began restoring the house in 1977 as the perfect location for her floral business Every Blooming Thing, Hollister's ghost is still there. And she's welcome.

"Sometimes we have choices," says March, "and Hollister chose to stay close to what she loved." When March first began restoring the house, Hollister seemed worried. For instance, one particular bathroom had two doors to it, both with hook-and-eye latches. March found both doors locked from the inside and had to climb through the transom window above the door to unhook the latches.

Eventually, Hollister must have become reassured that March was restoring the building to its original charm rather than destroying it, because she grew more friendly. After an arsonist fire, when restoration had begun again, March would hear footsteps going from window to window, presumably the ghostly inhabitant inspecting the renovation. New employees who don't know the buildings history often ask, "Is this house haunted?" They can feel something with them in the building.

"She's usually just a sensation," says March. "You're aware that there's an energy there. For instance, when you're going down the stairs, you'll feel someone pass you going the other way. We tend to feel her most when we're frenetic ourselves, and so busy. She reflects our own nervous energy."

March considers herself a no-nonsense woman, and admits she would never have believed these stories if someone had told her about them years ago. But she's had almost twenty-five years to grow intimate with Hollister Hancock and now just accepts her. She's not at all afraid. "She's a guardian angel," says March.

The next time you send someone flowers, visit Every Blooming Thing at 444 S. 700 East in Salt Lake City. And while you're ordering your flowers, take a moment to admire the house Hollister loved.

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