Iconic director John Waters (hello, "Hairspray") hit the Rose Wagner theater Thursday as part of the Salt Lake, er Utah, Film Center's ongoing 10th anniversary celebration, winning over the crowd with his one-man monologue, "This Filthy World."

Waters, known for his shocking underground films like "Pink Flamingoes" and "Female Trouble" and his slightly more mainstream films like "Crybaby" and "Hairspray," jumped into a monologue covering the wide range of his career, obsessions and cinematic aesthetic. “Be glad your kid is a troublemaker,” he told the audience early on. “You should hope he’s a bad influence on others.”  Indeed, Waters extolled the virtues of teenage hitchhiking, declared his connoisseurship of outrageous porn titles and gave an excellent title to both his  imaginary club (“The Pelt Room”, where he hoped to establish fetish subculture segregation) and his imaginary cemetery where he and his stars would be buried (“Disgraceland”).

Afterwards, a 15-minute Q&A with the audience brought out questions from fans wanting tips on how to make it big, questioning what has happened to some of his film's most memorable stars and declarations of the director's influence over their lives. One man claimed his career as a corrections officer was a result of Waters’ work with prisoners, while another asked who Waters considered the "filthiest person in the world."

"Johnny Knoxville,” Waters noted.  But as he explained, “I think that’s a positive.”

During a private reception with Waters following the show, Waters mingled with Utah Film Center's Executive Director Missy G.  Dawson, a slew of the center's members and some of the biggest Waters fans in the state. One eager couple even made the most of the evening with a wedding proposal. "It was actually the second time it has happened," Waters said, who posed with the happy couple for a memorable photo op. "It was very sweet. You could tell it was genuine."

But, he said, proposals are nothing out of the ordinary. One fan boasted a tattoo of his signature across her buttocks, while another impressed him with a tattoo of a full page from his "Female Trouble" script across the leg. "That's really amazing," he marveled.