C'mon guys. Give us a break. We're Salt Lake magazine. We root for the Utes. We're not Golden Bear magazine. But we don't hate Cal, as many of you imply in your breathlessly indigent letters. How could we? We just got to the conference. And actually, the way that the Utes are playing, we're pretty much afraid of the Golden Bears.

"Almost all Utah elementary school kids know 12-1=11!" yell writes Mike K. Mitchell from his iPad. "You left out The University of California, Berkeley. CAL! Probably one of, if not the top, public university in the nation and my alma mater."

And Berkelely alum Max Chang points out:

"As one may surmise, there are 12 not 11 teams in the PAC 12. Cal is one of the original members of the PAC-8 and famous for perhaps the greatest play in college football history, "The Play," in the 1982 Big Game against arch rival, Stanford. In fact, in celebration of the millennium, ESPN declared it the #1 sports play for the entire 20th Century. Cal first sported a football team in 1886 and is one of the storied traditions in college football."

Well to Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Chang and all of your classmates who joined in the pile on, we do feel pretty stupid. Here it is our our first ever PAC-12 story and we demote it to the PAC-11. But we hope you'll forgive us. After years of playing in the desert that is the Mountain West Conference, we're new to writing about schools we may actually have heard of. So please accept our humble apologies and know that we will make sure that Cal Berkeley, will make it into any round-up of PAC-12 teams in our magazine. Do you see how big that Cal logo is up there? It is super huge.

So there you go. And, the Utes will travel to face Cal on Oct. 22 in San Francisco. Don't forget.

And here are two home games not to miss at Rice-Eccles (in case you live under a rock)

November 12: UCLA—One of the most storied teams in college sports. Sure, a lot of that is for basketball, but this should be a very entertaining game, and it’ll be fun to see the sky-blue jerseys and golden helmets of the Bruins bouncing around the Utes’ home field. Don't hurt us.

November 26: Colorado—Fellow Pac-12 newbies the Buffaloes hit town for the new annual season finale. Will this turn into a rivalry? If so, it could start here.

University of Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham would never forget the Cal Golden Bears. Never.