Downtown Farmers Market celebrated the end of a huge season—tomorrow's the last day—with a whole pig roast at Fair Park on Wednesday evening. I wasn't able to go, but my trusty hungry husband Glen Warchol went, camera in hand, to be my eyes and ears.

Unfortunately, he couldn't be my mouth...

The event was advertised as a "head-to-tail" feast.

SuAn Chow, owner of our beloved Chow Truck, ate the tail.

Ryan Lowder, chef-owner of Copper Onion and soon-to-open Plum Alley, played pitmaster for the night, which was also sponsored by Edible Wasatch.

The stars of the evening—three whole organic pigs—were provided  by Christiansen Farms. High West served whiskey, Uinta served beer, Libation served wine.

And hilarity ensued.

Pig love.

The pit was built from cinder blocks and yielded a series of porkers,

and then uploaded to a kitchen/operating table, where many willing hands

broke it down into edible portions.

Yum's the word.