So you've picked up your Anthony Weiner undershirt from the D.I., your Kim Kardashian wedding dress from Decades and your Green Lantern spandex from Pib's Exchange. But how can you take your costume to the next level? Here are a few spookifying products that can take you from trick-or-treat to “...and the Epic Brewing dual beer cozy goes to costume contest winner (your name here).”

Whether you're going as space cadet or Nicki Minaj (same costume?), a wig is just what you need to fake out your friends. You could also try Got Beauty's selection of temporary hair color sprays if you're lookin' to spend a little less.

Purple wig, $42, Got Beauty

Just throw on a flannel shirt and thick-framed glasses and you'll fit right in at W Lounge – I mean, your Halloween party – with this Groucho-esque accessory. It's pointless, however, if you already have a 'stache tatted on your index finger.

Stache on a Stick, $4, Pib's Exchange

Latisse and lash extensions are proof that everyone loves 'em long and lush. The cat-eye looks sexy on just about everyone, so find a way to work these into your getup.

Various false eyelashes, $4-$9, Pib's Exchange

And it's the one time of year you can wear oodles of glitter without getting “Raver” written all over you. This party-proof version will last into the wee hours of Nov. 1.

Ben Nye Aqua Glitter, $5.99, Got Beauty

And if those aren't what you're looking for, have no fear. There’s tons of funky Halloween beauty goodies out there. During my search, I found everything from blacklight makeup at Blue Boutiqueto colored contacts at the optometrist. After all, as any night creature would tell you, Halloween is all about the thrill of the hunt.