Time again to tipple. The (in)famous Park City Cocktail Contestis tonight at Red Rock Junction in NewPark—16 bartenders, 16 different, highly inventive and potent cocktails, and me.

No, I'm not the only judge—City Weekly's Ted Scheffler will be manning a glass, as will Kristen Gould Case of Park City magazine and others, but it's easy to get myopic about this event from the judge's point of view.

Somehow, by the end of the evening, it feels a little like it's me versus 16 cocktails. The judging is organized so that by the end of the evening, I'll have tasted the winner over and over, along with "flavorings" like elderflower liqueur and blue curacao.

Come join us. Taste each cocktail as it's served and cheer for your favorite bartender.

6:30-9:30 at Red Rock Junction

$10 a person

Such a deal.