Demons await above the main gate.

Never have Salt Lakers been so eager to get the hell scared out of them. This week, at the newly opened Fear Factory, crowds turned up en masse to kick off their Halloween weekend at the impressive installation, which has been fed $4 million in renovations and had to delay its opening to meet stringent fire and safety code regulations.

Zombies and ghouls roamed outside the old cement factory between the freeway overpass and active railroad track, bringing an authentic creepiness with loud clanging and lights. An abandoned factory to the east ups the setting, and that’s all before you even enter through the wrought iron gates topped with demons and other petrifying creatures looking down on the crowd.

The tower... of death. (Photo courtesy of Fear Factory.)

The presentation itself—well over half an hour of scares—is in need of more part-time ghouls, darker corners, disorienting scenarios and less conspicuous security. But give these folks a little time—once they work out all the kinks, this could be an unstoppable fright fest. (And they are working to boost the fear factor by adding to the team of actors with auditions today at 4:30 p.m.)

Nonetheless, with its creepy industrial gargoyle-and-demon laden towers and sinister address (666 W. 900 South), it is easily the best space for a haunted house in the region. The maze mixes indoor and outdoor scenarios, and talented and disturbing creatures await to jump out and creep you out while you weave through the lines. Live action chainsaw maniacs, demented doctors, vampires, zombies, killer clowns and goblins as well as mechanized flesh-eaters, demons and skeletons all brought shrieks.

Demented zombies and ghouls getting creepy with it. (Photo by J.M. Diaz Photography.)

The thrills won’t end on Oct. 31. Fear Factory plans to do events all year round, including weddings and private parties.