Caking on makeup for Fright Night and Monster-Mashing past midnight is sure to leave your derm' in distress come Nov. 1. Bacteria gets stuck in pores with all that facepaint, junk food and alcohol, and there's a good chance you didn't drink enough water to flush out toxins. So baby your biggest organ and consider these routines your post-Halloween hair of the dog.


Your skin's biggest foe is bacteria trapped under makeup and sweat. Water won't penetrate oily makeup, so swipe it off for good with jojoba oil, which is full of vitamin E and prevents damage from free radicals. Then, scrub your pores clean with a good exfoliant.

Desert Essence Pure Jojoba Oil, $9.95, My Natural Market.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, $49, Skinworks.


Drink lots of water and antioxidant-rich beverages like green tea and fruit juice. This will not only flush out toxins but also transports vital nutrients to cells, crucial for healthy skin. Then, take your vitamins through a topical treatment.

A Dead Sea-mud mask for wear all year 'round: Volcanic Lava Mud, $22, Mountain Body Spa.

Pumpkin Peel Treatment, $50, Wade Laser Clinic.

"The enzymes in pumpkin eat up dead skin like PacMan,” says aesthetician Julie Barker. “A pumpkin treatment gives you a glow without any peeling.”

Bet you've never enjoyed getting over a hangover until now.