In our current issue, we wrote about Tin Angel Chef Jerry Liedtke's torched pear tart brulee. At the photo shoot, we also shot video to give our online readers an inside peek at how he creates his famous dessert.

Using a blowtorch is a basic kitchen skill when it comes to desserts. And Liedtke has a fondness for pyrotechnics in and out of the kitchen. He juggles flaming torches for fun, and in July, he rides his "Rocket Bike," a bicycle loaded with sparklers and firecrackers. At the restaurant, he reserves his flames for Tin Angels signature creme brulee—simmered fruit in a pastry crust, topped with custard and sugar, baked, then sprinkled again with sugar, caramelized into a crust with a blowtorch before serving.

Read more about the dessert in our December issue.

Tin Angel, 365 W. 400 South, SLC, 801-328-4155