In the Body section of our December issue, we featured all you need to know to get your workout at Airborne Sports in Draper. Read it here, and start jumping your way to fitness.


Hello, inner child. Sure, it’s probably been years—and maybe even decades—since you’ve hopped onto the trampoline. Surely you remember the thrill of flying into the air and the giddy breathlessness that followed. Getting nostalgic? We’ve got some good news: Airborne Sports in Draper has revived the love of bounce with trampoline-based classes, called “airobics.” And this time around, trampolining isn’t just a summertime sport. So head indoors, shed those winter layers and get your jump on.

Airborne Sports opened its doors less than a year ago, and along with a slew of other activities, introduced the valley to a new workout that’s high on nostalgia.

The 45-minute session burns up to 800 calories and focuses on a combination of high-flying cardio and toning exercises, like squat jumps, push-ups, mountain climbers and sit-ups—all on a trampoline. There’s no crack-the-egg or a bouncy version of duck, duck, goose, but this aerobic scorcher is guaranteed to make you smile and sweat.

“It’s a real cardio killer,” says Airborne Sports co-owner Alyson Adams, who came up with the idea for the class after incorporating trampolining into her own workouts. “But it’s also a lot of fun and takes people back. We get moms who maybe did gymnastics or had a tramp in the backyard, and they love it.”

First-timers can try the class for free. Additional sessions are $8 each, and 10-class punch passes run $60. Call for the schedule and more information. Airborne Sports, 12674 S. Pony Express Rd., Draper, 801-601-8125



Angle feet to the left and arms to the right. Jump and twist knees to the right and extend arms left. Land with knees and feet together, bounce and repeat.

Jumping Jacks

Start with feet together and arms at your side. Begin bouncing, splay legs and bring arms over the head while airborne. Bounce between jacks. Repeat.

Ski Jump

Start with feet together, jump and bring right leg to the front and the left back. Pump arms opposite. Land with feet together, bounce, switch sides. Repeat.


Jump and land in a squat. Bounce again and, while in air, twist body 90 degrees and land in squat. Repeat in opposite direction without stopping.