After Salt Lake City's nightlife underwent a tryptophan-induced lull last week in honor of Turkey Day, it's nice to see the calendar spring back to life somewhat.

Starting Monday night at The State Room, blues-starved SLC'ers can get a fix of their favorite sounds from Candye Kane, a 46-year-old cancer survivor. This should be a fun, raucous show and well worth venturing out for on a weeknight. State Room shows tend to end around 11 p.m., so Tuesday shouldn't be overly painful. Tickets are $15 and here's what Kane delivers:

Another good time awaits Tuesday night when irreverent, crazed bluesman Bob Log III hits the Urban Lounge. His live show is reportedly quite interesting and he has some dirty song topics, so it could make for a raunchy good time. Tickets are $10. Check out the sound right here:

And finally, please note that Monday's Cirque du Soleil show - which we featured in the hard copy of Salt Lake Magazine this issue - was recently postponed until Sept. 29. Adjust your schedules accordingly.