Before the new City Creek center opens we're taking a look back at the last 30 years in Salt Lake City's history and we want your memories photos, whatever, for possible inclusion in our March edition of  Salt Lake magazine.

Send us your greatest thoughts, reminisces, memories about the places that were part of Salt Lake City in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. PLEASE FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES BELOW:

Possible topics include: Crossroads Mall, ZCMI Mall, Zephyr, Vortex, DV8, The Dead Goat Saloon, Port O'Call, Green Street, The Sun, Bandaloops, The Speedway, The Palladium, Cafe Pierpont, Bocci's, Bill and Nada's, Snelgroves, Market Street, The Hansen Planetarium, The old Salt Lake Library, The Children's Museum, The Salt Palace, The Blue Mouse, Cosmic Aeroplane, Tape Head Company, Deseret Gym, Hotel Utah, The Pub, The Pie, Raunch Records, The Heavy Metal Shop, Lamb's Cafe, Cinegrill, Cabin Fever, Divine Decadence, Cahoots, The Tower, Blue Boutique, HIre's, Sigfriends Deli, Junior's Tavern, Murphy's, Pre-Main-Street-Plaza Main Street, the Salt Palace and whatever else you remember about the way we were.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: To submit, please send an email with your true you info (we'll be quoting many of these in the magazine and they'll need to be attributed correctly) and any photos to with the subject line: SALT LAKE MEMORIES

EXAMPLE: "I had my rehearsal dinner at The Pie in 1984." —Heidi Larsen, Sandy

Also feel free to post below. Have fun.