Last week, when an Advocate article named Salt Lake the gayest city in America, Brian Morris' ears were burning. That's because Jam, the Marmalade District bar he owns was also named in the article as a main hotspot.

On top of running one of Salt Lake's most notable nightclubs, Brian is living proof that it pays to take care of your skin. He credits staying fabulous in his late 40s to a brand called Kiehls; the owner of which he met one night at his club. Brian ended up trying their whole family of products, and now, is set on spreading the word to other men that they, too, have options when it comes to skincare. Here are some of his favorites:

Eye Alert, $21.50

"If you wake up and put it on, you're not going to look like you just woke up. And it's reasonably priced. Where have you heard of eye cream for only 20 bucks?"

Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer, $18.50

"I love how it dispenses. It clicks up like deodorant, then you just pat it around your eyes."

Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, $13

"It's a great exfoliant. I like to use it once a week, just to get all the dead skin off. And it smells SO good."

Cross-terrain All-in-One Refueling Wash, $15.50

"This is MY FAVE. It smells so good, I could eat it! And the 3-in-1 factor makes it easy for men to take care of themselves."

Kiehl's products are also sold locally at Nordstrom in Fashion Place and University malls.