Mist: Salt Lake the dining project conceived by Chef Gavin Baker and his wife Angie Mecham has totally earned its description as a "guerrilla" restaurant over the last few days.

After designers from Denton House had been working weeks on redesigning Paradise Palm so it could function as a super-luxe dining establishment by night and revert to plant store by day–an ambitious project that involved entirely repainting a bathroom, moving in a grease trap, hand sinks and theatrical lighting–Mist and Paradise Palm decided they were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and the whole temporary restaurant moved, in a true overnight guerrilla maneuver, lock, stock, barrel and duck fat down the street to the vacant Metropolitan space.

The four big photo art panels by Adam Finkle were taken down from the plant store walls and rehung in the middle of the Met's big industrial paned windows, so they'll be framed by the night sky. Each panel is a photo-mosaic made up of uniquely rendered versions of a single photograph, each one available for sale.

The yards of muslin that were going to hide the plant store operations will be used to soften and glamorize the Met's hard-edged modernity. More wall space means more projections of the making of Mist, photos taken for the documentary in the making that started at the beginning of the project.

Hundreds of tea lights in glass globes will hang from the ceiling instead of the theatrical struts.

"It's all being re-purposed," says Matt Dickamore, the project's head designer from Denton House. "And I think it's all to the better. Mist Salt Lake is a big event and this will definitely be a more comfortable place to sit for a 3 hour dinner."

The menu–edible landscapes, fizzy shots, edible paintings–remains the same.

I peeked in the windows on my way to work this morning.

There's a ways to go for the place to ready to party tonight, but Matt assures me the adrenaline is rushing and it will be beautiful. Stay tuned.