From the runways in Milan to the red carpets at this year’s Golden Globe Awards (think Nicole Kidman in her stunning gown by Versace), Aztec prints and patterns are everywhere - including the displays of some of our favorite local retailers. 

Gone are the days of scratchy wool ponchos in bland earth tones that conjure up mental images of men with large mustaches and sombreros. This winter, ponchos have gone chic with vibrant colors and fits that are geared more toward sassy skiers and less toward the Colombian Coffee guy.

But let’s not limit ourselves to just ponchos - necklaces, earrings, shoes… did we mention that Aztec is everywhere?

If you’re having a hard time slipping into the trend without feeling a little too conspicuous, here are a few of our favorite finds you might want to try on for size. 

Poncho, $98, Fresh, SLC

The Nadia Cape, $54, Fresh, SLC

Poncho, $78, Koo De Ker, SLC

Earrings, $12 each, Koo De Ker, SLC

Necklaces, $24 and $28, Koo De Ker, SLC

Kimchi Blue Geo Mule, $59, Urban Outfitters