Strange but true! Step Right Up and Witness the Truly bizarre

The Psychic

Representative LaVar Christensen, the Moral Crusader, told fellow lawmakers that God wanted him to regain his spot in the Legislature after he tried to unseat Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson. Question: Why didn't God want Christensen to go to Congress?

The Energy Juggler

Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, part-time rancher/full-time mouth, is a water commissioner with hopes to siphon the Green River and build a nuke plant on the banks, and he wanted monkeywrencher and activist Tim DeChristopher to do time for messing with a federal auction of oil and gas leases. But environmentalists pointed out his hypocrisy: Noel also violated federal law when he led dozens of his neighbors in plowing up the delicate Paria River on four-wheelers to protest federal regulation of off-road vehicles in the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument. The U.S. Attorney declined to prosecute Noel for his “civil disobedience,” but DeChristopher, co-founder of environmental group Peaceful Uprising, sits in federal prison in Colorado.

Sideshow Bob

Senate President Mike Waddoups is a one-man temperance league, inspired to follow prohibition crusader Carrie Nation's bottle-smashing example after his wife's car accident with a drunk driver. Waddoups is a key ringleader in the rollback of any kind of reasonable liquor laws in Utah. In the name of budget cutting, he championed the shutdown of profitable state liquor stores, costing the state $120,000 in just months.


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