Under the Big Top

For all the moralizing sideshows and freakish characters under Utah's big top, the bosses generally know how to run things. True, they siphon money away from public education to pay for roads. Still, while other states are facing bankruptcy, Utah has a stellar credit rating. Even with unemployment and foreclosures high, the state has weathered the financial crisis much better than neighboring Nevada, Arizona and California.


Legislative Jet-setting

Speaking of budget-cutting...

$2,000 Cost per person for six state senators and 11 House members to get "training" at the Council of State Governments-WEST conference. In Hawaii. 

$3,000 Cost of wining and dining 60 legislators and their families at a single dinner at Rosario's, a restaurant in Austin, Tex., during the National Conference of State Legislatures. Cha-ching.


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