Erik Roner skis some of the harriest runs in the backcountry. Flying at unthinkable speeds down spaghetti thin canyons is just a warm up for Erik. He gets his thrill from ski-jumping off cliffs hundreds of feet high. This is the stuff most wouldn’t dream of doing, but Erik takes it in his stride. See him in action in this video.

One of the few in the world to experience the rush of back country skiing and the heart-stopping thrill of base-jumping, Erik knows how to safely push his body, mind, and heart to the limit. Because of his expertise in the matter, he was asked to assist motocross hero Travis Pastrana base-jump into the Grand Canyon on his dirt bike. Following this stunt Nitro Circus of MTV signed him on to help film 2 seasons of the show, plus a movie scheduled for release in 2012.

And now you have an opportunity to ski with the expert, Erik Roner.

This month through February, in association with Bench & Loom's Winter Specialty Shop, Joe Shmoes, like you and me, can ski with Erik on the groomed runs of  Snowbird for the day or heli-ski with him in Portillo, Chile for three. On top of that, you can take up to four of your friends. It's up to you. Here's the scoop:

Every 2 months the Specialty Shop at Bench and Loom focuses on a different theme. They make available for purchase, a package that offers a unique chance to interact with the experts from each theme. This coming Jan-Feb's theme will be skiing. This theme's expert: the ski/base-jumping pioneer, Erik Roner. Mention Salt Lake magazine when you order your tickets and you'll receive 5% off!

So don't miss out on your opportunity to ski with the very best! For more information contact

Contact the shop for your chance to ski with Gold medal Olympian Bode Miller as well. However, the discount only applies to skiing with Erik Roner.