Sundance is in town but if you want to feast your eyes on live human beings and take a break from the big screen there are two dance shows you shouldn't miss. The first one is tonight called The Sugar Show.
The Sugar Show started in November with a speed-pitch audition. 5 artists were chosen and provided mentorship. On Saturday, they present their work in a concert that showcases styles and perspectives from every corner of our community. Co-produced with the Sugar Space, the Sugar Show is in its 4th fascinating year. Tickets are $15 general admission, show starts at 8 pm at the Rose Wagner Performaing Arts Center, Black Box Theatre (138 S Broadway).
And then their is Stephen Brown and SB Dance. With Stephen you never know what your going to get, at times there can be nudity. But one thing is for sure you will be entertained and see some incredible dance and a lot of humor. SB Dance's own showcase concert, The BEaST of SB Dance is next weekend Jan 27-29.  New stuff, old stuff, and remodeled stuff. For mature audiences only (adult language and adult scenes and highly childish humor). If you've got pals in town for Sundance or OR, surprise them. This show is also at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in the Black Box Theatre and starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15 and are general admission.
The Sugar Show
     Jan 21 at 8pm
Rose Wagner Black Box Theatre
The BEaST of SB Dance: Remix
    Jan 27 and 28 at 8pm, Jan 29 at 4pm
Rose Wagner Black Box Theatre
All tickets: 801-355-ARTS or