Val Rasmussen, Editor of Utah Bride & Groom magazine and contributor to Salt Lake magazine,  shares her inspiring interview with HGTV star Emily Henderson.

Charming, gregarious, and gorgeous can all describe Emily Henderson. Just like her personality on her HGTV series “Secrets from a Stylist,” Henderson seems to be keeping no secrets.

Since winning HGTV’s “Design Star” Season 5, Henderson’s fans follow her series due to her uncanny ability to repurpose and showcase furnishings, props and art in colorful modern interiors that beam with personality.  Her signature boho-chic spaces are funky and functional, and her girl-next-door allure is approachable and inspiring.

Henderson spoke on a panel at the Altitude Design Summit this past weekend at the Grand America Hotel in SLC, where 500+ design-minded bloggers, journalists and editors from across the country came to expand their knowledge of digital media.

During her panel and my one-on-one interview with her, Emily Henderson gave me her dos and don’ts for styling a room.


1.    Use big books, sculptures, boxes and vessels

2.    When styling a bookcase or a coffee table, use horizontal, vertical and sculptural elements

3.    Use flowers and branches


1.    Karate chop pillows

2.    Use messy throws

3.    Use oddly stacked books

4.    Use too many pillow

5.    Absolutely no fruit bowls

Q: What emerging trends to you see on the horizon?

1.    Neon. “In small doses though….and with a modern edge,” she tells us. “For example, hot pink pillows wit