The first two months of every year brings together high-wire risk takers, wild animals, strong women and weak men and, of course, lotsa clowns from districts all over the Beehive in the three-ring circus we call the Utah State Legislature.

Under the big dome on the hill, the troupe will handwring and bicker, contort and juggle to come up with laws to control and annoy our lives all year long—at least until a federal court knocks them down.

For those who may not remember last year's show, here's a review of the high (and low) lights, an introduction to the performers, old and new, plus some speculation about this year's big acts.

And, for those who may think the following sounds biased against one party, keep in mind that the Utah Legislature is and has been for many, many years a one-party entity: The GOP has had a supermajority in both the House and the Senate for decades. In 2010, there were seven Democrats and 22 Republicans in the Senate, 17 Democrats and 58 Republicans in the House. So, if we sound lopsided, that's because Utah government is lopsided.


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Illustration by David Habben (HabbenInk).