A little more than a month stands between Salt Lake City shoppers and one of the most anticipated Utah openings in five years. City Creek Center will open on March 22, and the project Utahns have been waiting for since 2006 will stop causing construction pains and start bringing shopping spree bliss.

The folks at City Creek Center are so excited, they have a ticker counting down the opening to the minute. Right now, the opening is only 55 days, 15 hours and 49 minutes away. That’s right folks, 55 days until you get to shop in Bose, Coach, Tiffany & Co. and many other "new-to-the-market retailers."

It’s time for the new stores to start their hiring extravaganza. Nordstrom will begin looking for 200 employees to staff their counters around Jan. 30, so get those resumes ready. But Nordstrom’s not waiting for the grand opening to put their new employees to work, hiring a new manager for the store and kicking off its first opening event, Frill Seekers, on March 9. See Nordstrom's website for details.

City Creek Center itself is hosting a preview gala the night before it opens citywide, the proceeds of which will benefit four local charities. The Road Home, Ballet West, the Junior League of Salt Lake City and Hogle Zoo are all selling $50 dollar tickets to the March 21 event.