This harrowing, intense movie with a very small cast largely follows the random misadventures of a 10-year-old Texas girl who is basically raising herself. The phrase "feral child" leaps to mind as we watch Annie do whatever she wants, which is generally create minor havoc and wander the streets and wooded areas near her home.

Her dad raises goats and drives at the demolition derby. But mainly he drinks beer and sleeps. So Annie does what she wants. This depressing reality meanders along until Annie discovers a woman has fallen into an abandoned well near her home. What happens from there tells us a lot about the human spirit - but not always things we want to know.

What's most captivating about the movie is actress Sydney Aguirre's ability to hold the audience and advance the story while rarely talking. The result is a "less-is-more" affect that leaves you riveted when she does bother to speak.

Written and directed by Craig Zellner - who also plays Annie's dad - this moody, inspired story is a dark, occasionally hilarious movie that's well worth seeing. Kudos to Sundance's programmers for finding a kids movie that is so completely opposite most any movie starring a 10-year-old character that you'd ever otherwise see.