Photo Credit: Trevor Good


Aaron Moulton, who studied and worked in various places all over Europe, has become the new Senior Curator at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, and he will speak for the general public at an Art Talk on Friday, Feb. 24 from 7 to 8 p.m.

Moulton received his Masters in Curating Contemporary Art in London and worked in Milan as well as in Berlin. From these experiences, he will discuss his practice as a curator, his vision for the museum and the value in contemporary art, especially aimed at the public who may not have too much time or interest in it. Let’s get a closer look at him through a short interview.

Q: What is the most interesting or memorable experience you've had in your field?

A: I have had the honor of meeting and getting to work with most of my heroes/heroines and people who I deeply admire. I think the most important aspect of our field is how we absorb, assimilate and retransmit the ideas of people we are privileged enough to interpret; making it make sense to yourself or a public. In exhibition-making, the chance to see ideas successfully presented or retransmitted in new or exciting or different ways is an unbelievable experience. 

Q: What is your goal at Utah MOCA and how do you hope to influence the visitors through their experiences there?

A: My goal at the museum would be to provide interesting points of entry into contemporary art that are not specifically born out of art discourse. Expecting a general public to know all the references of art referencing art is impractical and potentially alienating if one doesn’t have the time or interest. I think the museum and art in general should be as readable and fresh as a newspaper in how it communicates things.

Want to know more about what he has to offer to the public through contemporary art? Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is located at 20 S. West Temple. Check out their website at or call at 801-328-4201 for more information.