Pampering is a very personal thing. There’s something about getting mud Picasso’d  on your face - or knots  Sumo-wrestled out of your sore muscles - that really triggers introspection. And though this quality time with yourself is important, you may find that sharing this stress-free energy with the love of your life is even better.

“We get a lot of repeat clients with our couple’s services,” says Alex Covin of New Image Day Spa. “It gives them that special time to talk; to reconnect.”

Pair up for pampering to celebrate V-day, the relaxing way.

Imagine the intimacy of this date: You and your babe show up at the spa and are immediately whisked away to the “couple’s room” (complete with Jacuzzi tub!). The staff stocks you with decadent, melt-on-your-body Bon-Bons, and draws you a vanilla-coconut milk bath. Then, the two of you are left to sip sparkling cider while you soak in private, until your masseuses arrive to administer an hour-long massage. The sensuality-factor stacks up to a second honeymoon, but at just $180 for the two of you, it makes for an affordable escape.

Stretch your partnership with tantalizing Thai massage.

If you’d prefer a more active experience, head to The Shiva Centre Feb. 18 for Valentine Delight Night. There, you two will help deepen each other’s stretch, as well as learn to administer sensual Thai massage. Instructors will then coach couples through an exploration of the senses, followed by – what else? Chocolate! Cost is $30 in advance, $35 day-of.

Buy some local bath salts to bond on-the-cheap.

And if you just want to keep it simple; snag an economically priced jar of Millcreek Bath Salts ($14.50) and use your own candle-lit bathroom to bond with your lover.