Do you need some ideas for romantic love songs on Valentine's Day? Get this professional playlist from Todd and Erin, SLC's radio sweethearts!

Who: Todd and Erin Collard

Where you can hear them: Todd and Erin Morning Show, 5:30 to 10 a.m. on B98.7 FM

The Collards have been in the radio business for a combined 46 years.

Todd was once a stand-up comedian, traveling the country and opening for big acts like Billy Crystal and George Carlin. In 1986, he was hired by KISN 97 and soon realized there were no female hosts on the station—even though the target audience was women.

Enter Erin. “I started out in TV news, and after a couple of years of being told to cut my hair, dye it blonde and ‘for Pete’s sake put on some accessories,’ I realized radio would fulfill my love of music and lack of interest in grooming,” she jokes.

Erin was hired in 1994 as the third host on Todd’s show with co-host Scott Fisher. Three years later, Todd and Erin fell in love and were married. They made the jump to top 40 music station B98.7 in 2001 and have been hosting the morning show since.

This February, Todd and Erin will host their annual Cupid Is Stupid party, where single listeners can smack a heart piñata with a baseball bat. In March, they’ll give away a 2012 Suburu for their “Todd and Erin Secret Sound” contest.

Morning Show Extra: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are Todd and Erin’s Top 10 Love Songs:

10. Sure – Frame and Canvas

9. Better Than Anything - Diana Krall (see Deep Cuts)

8. Over the Rainbow - Harry Nilsson

7. For the First Time – The Script

6. Uncharted – Sara Bareilles

5. Lips Like Sugar – Echo and the Bunnymen

4. Lost in You – Three Days Grace

3. Moonlight in Vermont – Ray Charles

2. Kiss Me Slowly – Parachute

1. Come Fly with Me – Frank Sinatra