The Biggest Loser is in the midst of its 13th season, and it's still challenging and inspiring people to work for their ideal weight. But if you’re not the type of person who wants to broadcast your health struggles, the show's franchise sports three fitness resorts, one in California, another in New York and our very own in Ivins, Utah.

The Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah offers a wide range of health options for every fitness level, from indoor cycling to daily hikes. "The most obviously challenging part is the toll that 6+ hours of hard working out takes on your body," said Danielle Lingo, a participant who is leaving the fitness camp after a two-week stay.

However, the camp is not all work. Lingo says she learned about the role emotions play in weight gain and weight loss. "Being at Fitness Ridge makes you confront many of your demons," said Lingo. "It's a difficult, but a very important process! They have group life coaching and counseling sessions, but you can also set up private sessions for an additional fee."

The Ivins resort also boasts a spa with over 50 services, from ten different kinds of massages to teeth whitening. And let us never forget the food. Not only does the resort feature healthy and incredible daily menus, the program includes cooking demos so participants can recreate their eating experience. These demos are part of an educational series that expands to menu planning, emotional eating and weight loss strategizing. 

The Biggest Loser fitness camps used to vary in price; however, they've recently started charging the same across camps. "I came to the Utah camp because it was slightly cheaper than the Malibu location," said Lingo. "When I come back in the future, I will definitely come back to the Utah location. The morning hikes are a huge part of the fitness experience, and there is nowhere more beautiful than the Red Rocks in southern Utah!"

Now, all camps cost at $2,295 per week form one to three weeks in a two-person room. However, participants can stay longer, starting at $2,000 per week for eight or more weeks. Participants can also pay a bit more for a private room or a bit less for housing themselves off-site. 

Whatever the price, Lingo thinks the camp was worth it. "I've learned not to be 'all or nothing,'" said Lingo. "Fitness Ridge has taught me to set realistic goals and have the patience to lose the weight in an emotionally and physically healthy timeframe. This will ensure that I won't give up and will allow me to maintain those losses over time."

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If the resort still isn't quite what you're looking for, The Biggest Loser casting for season 14 starts soon. Click here for casting info.