Cinderella got her prom dress for free, and when you get your teens to read this post they will, too.

Photo by Laura Seig

The Utah Cinderella Prom Boutique is a volunteer project by Young Lawyers Division of Utah State Bar, which travels to different high schools to provide young women in the Salt Lake Valley with new or gently used prom dresses, shoes and accessories for proms. And it's not just cheap looks, says Kate Conyers, chair of the Boutique project.

"We are trying to do more than just finding them dresses. We want to find 'perfect' dresses for them, and the complete outfit for prom—even if they are financially unable to buy them," she says.

Photo by Kate Conyers

At 7 a.m. yesterday, a line of about 60 girls excited to find their "perfect" dresses formed at Copper Hills High School. And to complete the look, there was also a hairstylist visiting to give free tips about makeup and hair.

So what's hot this prom season? "Blue and light blue dresses with puffy, sequenced bottoms are really popular," Conyers says. "They are always the first ones to go."

Photo by Kate Conyers

She recommended simple chains, accessories and shoes to match the complicated look of the dress. With the sponsors—Henries Dry Cleaners, Dress Barn and Zions Bancorporation—the boutique showed their goal and passion for finding the one for the girls, by sharing this one story.

"Last year, there was a girl who didn't want to go to prom because she couldn't find a dress she liked," Conyers says. "We talked to Henries Dry Cleaners, and they delivered this one dress specifically for her, and she didn't like it at first when she looked at it. But we convinced her to try it on, and 10 to 15 minutes after she went in to try it on, she came out crying in the dress. She said she wanted to sleep in the dress every night until the prom, and she went to the prom in that blue dress."

Photo by Kate Conyers

The Cinderella Project is self-sustaining by donations of the sponsors and people. After the prom, what was worn will be returned, dry cleaned and used for the next high school. It is in the process of hooking up with men's outfit as well. This is the third year since the project has started, and the boutique is planning on hitting up three high schools for this year's prom. It has already expanded, compared to last year's trips to two high schools, and the Utah State Bar wants to expand it as a state-wide project.

"It will be easy to expand our project because many people have a prom dress sitting in their closet because they won't wear it anymore but don't want to take it to Deseret Industry either," Conyers says. "They can donate it to us."

Any students can attend the events, but if it is not the high school of your attendance, make sure to give them heads up. Contact Kate Conyers at or visit their website.