Our Sorel Boot giveaway (thanks, Sorel!) was a major hit amongst all you wintery fashionistas. Thanks for all your fantastic tips and suggestions for staying warm and looking good.

We got tons of great comments (a selected few faves are below), but it was Thad W., who drew the most number of votes from our staffers with his cute tip: "Best winter advice for men? Wear whatever she tells you to. PS My 'she' wears a 7.5. I’d be a pretty cool husband to win these boots for her." We're sure he's got one happy missus.

We get that Thad's tip isn't really about how to fight the cold and still look rockin', so we'd like to share a few other favorites that got the thumbs up here in the Salt Lake magazine offices.

"My Tip: DON’T FORGET YOUR SKIN! Less of your skin may be showing during the winter, but it needs some serious love. Moisturize more often, exfoliate where needed, and keep it happy. Winters are killer on even the best skin." Lindsay P.

"Color block cashmere scarf(good for head wrap and can be used as a shawl) bright colorful ear muffs, Sorel boots with warm wool socks, sunglasses–and you must carry a hot cup of hot chocolate or coffee!" -Ada

"Winter fashion equals SCARVES! Dress an outfit up or dress it down with a beautiful scarf AND keep yourself warm. Dare to be different and use TWO scarves with complimenting colors, bunch one around your neck and let the other hang!" Amanda F.

"Gloves with texting tips!! You dont have to worry about taking your gloves off every single time you receive a text or phone call! With these gloves you will stay nice and warm and you can continue to text like an addict!" - Jessica L.

"Layering and scarves. And don’t get pigeon-holed into wearing your scarf the same ol’ way, either. There are some really cool ways to tie a scarf to give it some extra oomph – the infinity knot, the braid, the European, the Bunny ear – the list goes on. It can make a huge difference. Oh and cute ear muffs." -Eve L.

"Carry a pair of extra snuggly socks, colorful knit gloves and a small collapsible bright umbrella in your bag at all times. With the sudden changes in temperature and conditions here in Utah you'll have piece of mind and always look stylish no matter what the weather." -Marilee G.

"I like to layer enormous fisherman's sweaters over leggings or skinny jeans; for a more pulled-together look, vintage coats with fur collars, brooches or other ladylike details go a long way toward looking stylish and keeping warm!" - El