As excited as we are about City Creek Center, we need to remember that big things are happening all over Utah. Take a look at Cedar City. The Utah Shakespeare Festival is getting a new theater to expand everything from the festival space to its financial impact. The Cedar City based festival is plans to start building on the Southern Utah University campus in 2013.

Here's an artist rendering of the building to come:

The new playhouse is joining two other Utah Shakespeare Fest theaters: the Adams Shakespearean Theatrebuilt in 1977—and the Randall L. Jones Theatre—built in 1989. 

Both theaters have served the festival well, but it’s time for an addition. “We are now feeling a dire need for a larger, more modern facility that includes such creature comforts as public restrooms and a proper backstage area,” says Fred C. Adams, Utah Shakespeare Festival founder.

Other than nifty public restrooms, the new theater will increase festival attendance by 25 percent. The 900-seat theater will allow the festival to add additional performances, which will bring additional patrons. In fact, the festival is estimating the new theater could bring 30,000 more people through Cedar City on top of the 120,000 people the festival already sees annually.

The Tony-Award winning festival is hoping to gain more national recognition with the new theater. “The addition of the new Shakespeare theatre will not only allow us to increase the size and scope of our programming, but more importantly it will continue to make the Utah Shakespeare Festival and Cedar City among the top destinations in our region,” say Festival Artistic Directors David Ivers and Brian Vaughn.