We all know it's not the best idea to spend every hour of every day in heels. Unfortunately, it's not exactly socially acceptable to spend all your time in slippers either. But sometimes, finding that happy medium between your stilettos and your house shoes can be tricky. 

Remember this: no matter where you're going or who you'll see while you're there, it's OK to look classy. But it's also OK to be comfortable while you're at it. A great pair of flats is the perfect marriage between class and comfort, and early spring is the perfect time to take your pick from a barrage of styles.

Oxfords are definitely trending right now. This pair by Gentle Souls in tan suede can be easily dressed up when paired with nicely tailored cropped dress pants (think Audrey Hepburn) or dressed down with a pair of slim jeans or cuffed shorts.

Gentle Souls Tan Suede Oxford, The Children's Hour - $179.00

Surely wherever you're going you'll need to pack along all of your personal effects, and a decently sized statement bag is a perfect pairing with neutral shoes. This Crossbody bag by Fossil is fun, filrty and has plenty of room to carry every one of your essentials.

Fossil Crossbody bag, Hip & Humble - $86