Angela Martindale doesn't take the term "lifestyle coach" lightly. She takes a 360-degree approach to her career, helping folks find happiness through nutrition, fitness and mental health. And it's not easy. The U of U alum gives life-improving advice on ABC4; runs an organic, healthy meal delivery service; and is certified in a variety of disciplines including personal training and yoga. And talk about practice what you preach: the go-go-go goddess keeps her inner and outer beauty glowing nonstop, thanks to a few portable products.  

From her smile to her skin, health nut Angela Martindale makes sure it shines.

Liquid Vitamin E Oil- It is the best under-eye product. I put it on my lips for a nice gloss and under my eyes at night. Fine lines vanish over night.

Water- It is the best beauty secret, hands down. The more hydrated you are, the better you look and feel. That's why my Ultimate Transformation Program includes hydration hints.

All Good Goop Healing Balm from Elemental Herbs. "I find it is the only thing that saves my chapped lips during the day. It is great for cuts, chapped lips, scraps and blemishes.

Meals That Transform. "My lifestyle and diet is a huge part of my beauty regimen. I eat what I sell. Fresh organic meals are delivered right to my door twice a week, so I have no excuses. Blueberries and cucumbers are my favorite secret weapon if I have photoshoot coming up. I eat as much as I can with lean protein three days before and my skin glows."

Young Living Essential Oils. "Local and made right here in Lehi, Utah, I use essential oils for everything: In my bath, to making my own scented oils and lotions, soothing a sore throat, calming my nerves, or using them in my humidifier at night. Great for making your own scents and perfumes as well. My favorite is Lavender, Jasmine and Rose. Just dab it behind your ears and on your chest and you are ready to go."

Transform Power Butter and Om Power Bars from Meals That Transform. "Your body is a living cell. It needs to be nourished. I carry bars and celery and Transform power butter with me whenever I leave the house. I keep a cooler in my car so I always have snacks. The better you eat the better your skin will look."

Origins High Potency Night A Mins, $40 at Dillards - It is like rubbing a fresh orange into your skin and neck. Just the smell of this cream is fabulous and the fact that I could eat it because it so natural is a great perk.  What it does for my skin at night is the booby prize.

Coconut Oil -I use this in my protein shakes or for cooking. Also use it in my oatmeal in the morning. It is a great energy source and makes my skin and nails healthy.

Kitchen scrubbies (any brand in the cleaning aisle). "Oh the power of the scrubbies. They are my secret for never getting ingrown hairs and smooth silky legs."