Forage co-owner and co-chef Viet Pham is off to LA to try his luck at Food Network fame, leaving partner Bowman Brown to man the stove at their award-winning restaurant. 

Sunday night, foodies from all over SLC gathered at Forage to wish the chef good luck and toast to his success.

Viet will be gone 3 or 4 weeks–maybe more, depending on his  luck. "I don't even know exactly what the show is they're asking me to do," he says. he thinks it's not just just a cooking demo show, but a competition. "Maybe like Survivor?" he speculates. At any rate, "I'm completely nervous," he admits.

He's got a lot of good will behind him–Johnny Kwon, owner of Naked Fish, the Gibo family–Takashi, Tamara and Teal–were all there.

Les Madeleines owner and pastry chef extraordinaire was in attendance, so was Chantelle Bourdeaux, A Priori national sales manager.

Francis Fecteau of Libation provided wine; Andy Fitzgerrell, Whole Foods cheesemonger, brought some not-yet-for-sale raw cheddar and Creminelli sausage. Troy Petersen, proprietor of Caputo's on 5th and 15th, dropped by; food writer and instructor Vanessa Chang...well, you get the picture. And we left early.

Viet promised to send me dispatches from the LA food front. I'll keep you posted.