Stuck between winter and spring? Maybe you need a breath of fresh air. Or maybe your skin does, anyway.

During Sundance I was invited to try out a new facial treatment being offered at Remede Spa at the St. Regis, that most elegant resort at the top of the funicular to the top of the mountain.

I don't think of myself as the spa type–a career in journalism doesn't allow for regular pampering, but this was work, right?

And I could dress for the occasion in my spiffy new "Sorelia Earheart" model Sorels–all so sensible and luxurious as the same time.

I was seated in the waiting area on a white lounge next to the fake stream that runs through the spa, propped the Sorelias right up on a foot stool and enjoyed the view. Amazing.

Besides spring water and herb tea for refreshment, the lounge area has oxygen tanks for those who haven't acclimated to the altitude yet.

And when I went into the treatment room, there was another one.

I have to say, the sight of an oxygen tank doesn't scream "pampering" to me.
It says "hospital." I'd recommend some kind of chic covering for the clinical looking machinery.

But this facial is all about oxygen. The spa technician covers your face with nutrients and moisturizers, then runs the oxygen tube, fitted with a special nozzle, over your face to force the oxygen and the moisturizers into your skin. It feels like a very gentle facial massage and in a day or so, your face looks like it's taken a deep breath of fresh mountain air.

Now head into the bar for a deep sip of the 7452 Bloody Mary, and down the mountain. A refreshed woman.