Sometime ago, I posted shots of the Mondrian in Scottsdale. With a South Beach vibe and an attitude to match, the ultra hip hotel  shunned color with serious conviction. Flash forward to 2012. Today this property, now coined The Saguaro, caters to those who clamor for color—the more, the brighter, the better.

Last Friday, I met interior designer Anne-Marie Barton in The Saguaro lobby for an interview before she and her husband Kent attended the Scottsdale Arts Festival. As we sat surrounded by Saguaro’s color-drunk decor, I asked Anne-Marie her take on the vivid interior. I wasn’t surprised to discover that she isn’t a fan. Known for creating sophisticated, calm interiors, Anne-Marie has little use for loud, competing colors trying out shout each other.

While she explained her views on hues to me, two women walked by oohing and ahhing about the electric yellow walls. Obviously, some like it cool, others like it hot. What gets your vote?

At Scottsdale Saguaro with Anne-Marie and Kent Barton

THEN: The property in it’s “White is Right” phase, The Mondrian Scottsdale

NOW: The Saguaro dressed in color and upbeat Southwestern garb

Red spray-painted manzanita branches staged on Saguaro’s outdoor entry area.

Colorful art on neon yellow walls.

A wall of masks leading to the dining area.

Painted niches in the plank-covered walls of the bar.

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